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We know that affiliate marketing can be a gold mine and yet why do so many people fail? The formula below when followed will generate income almost immediately and allow you to secure your financial future.

Bold statement so let me back it up with some cold hard facts about affiliate programs.

Businesses who offer affiliate programs are in business to do two things, create a customer base and build a list of prospects that they will continue to drip on over time.

So they offer you affiliate banners and text links, now where are they linking to, THEIR sales page. At that point the prospect must opt in which creates a very solid lead for the company you are representing but what exactly does that do for you.

Sure if the prospect becomes a customer you will receive your commissions but in the end the company has the most important thing, their name and email address.

If you have been working online for any period of time you already know that the money is in the list. Build a strong list (which can be done very quickly) and you will build a fast and significant income that will last a lifetime.

Before we go into developing a squeeze page there are several other factors that will play a role in your success with affiliate marketing. The factors below have accounted for a dramatic increase in the success of hundreds of thousands of people working online.

Those who did not implement the strategies below had a 4% success rate of reaching their financial goals. Those implementing these strategies sky rocketed that number to over 80%. I can tell you that the other 20% simply did not work.

Remember, affiliate programs certainly would prefer for you to drive traffic to their squeeze page so they can have the lead for a lifetime. In reality there are a handful of affiliate programs who actually offer you the tools you need that allow YOU to brand yourself.

Now we are talking. You see when you find the right affiliate program here is what they will offer to assure your success:

  • A day by day daily strategy that will show you exactly how to generate massive leads to YOUR Blog or fan page within facebook

  • The exact strategies you need to succeed within social media including facebook which is a goldmine of leads just waiting for you with the correct strategies

  • Articles and videos that are professionally created that you can use within your marketing efforts, this is Hugh and allows you to avoid a large learning curve and a lot of work

  • Proven professional capture pages that are connected to YOUR automated list allowing you to drip on your prospects instead of your affiliate company

  • The right affiliate program will offer monthly memberships which will create residual income which is the strongest income in the world. Now you are selling a lower price point product yet creating passive income that continues to build each month. Remember your conversions are much higher with a lower price point product

  • Team support that is there to answer your questions within minutes, not within 24-48 hours where you must spend 2 hours figuring it out on Google

Are you seeing why you take your success rate from under 5% to over 80%. When you do a little research and find the right affiliate company to partner with you have all the tools, a daily strategy and the team support that is so needed in a very competitive market.

Article Source: Free 3-Day Training “The Secrets Behind Social Media” offered by WorldWide Partnership, one of the premier online marketing companies. This training is responsible for replacing incomes within 30 days.

You will also have the opportunity to use the 3-Day training “The Secrets Behind Social Media” as a tool to create massive results quickly.

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