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If there are two things we always want more of, it’s more money and more time. And we want both to really enjoy life. We can’t enjoy money if we have no time to enjoy it, and vise versa.

The awesome thing about being an online entrepreneur is that it’s easy to have both, and here are a few tips to help you get there…

#1 Treat Your Business LIKE a Business.

You probably know already how cheap it is to get an online business up and running. Less than $10.. and sometimes free! But just because your investment is low, don’t treat it like it’s not worth anything to you. If you really want to suceed, you will treat it right and put in the elbow grease.

#2 Think Long-Term.

Many mistakes beginners make is that they think they can get_rich_quick online. But the truth is, it takes time. So don’t be in a rush to make money. It will come. You just have to have a plan and build a business.

#3 Free Isn’t Always Free.

Like they say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. Just because something looks free, it doesn’t mean it is. Everything either costs time or money. And we know that time equals money. Money is best used to invest in things that will save time to get a job done and therefore pay for itself and then some in the future. I’m not saying to buy everything that gets forced in your face, but don’t be afraid to use your money on things that are going to help you save time and make money.

#4 Be Honest. Be Transparent.

In other words, don’t hide behind your computer screen. Trust is still a big issue on the internet. People are still doubtful about purchasing online because of the possibility of getting scammed. That’s why it’s important to be as transparent as possible. Don’t hide anything. Don’t try any sneaky tactics. Develop a relationship of trust with your market and show that there is a real person with a face behind it all. People will spend money with a business they can trust.

#5 Avoid Negative Influences.

No matter where you are, people will tell you you’re stupid for trying to start an online business. They’ll laugh and say you’re never going to make any money online. Try to avoid this at all costs and when it does happen, don’t let it interfere. In fact, you don’t need to tell anyone you are starting an online business. If someone asks, just say you are experimenting with building websites.

#6 Choose Your Plan Of Attack.

Choose one business model and follow it. Jumping from one program to the next won’t do much for you. The thing is… almost everything works. affiliate marketing works, article marketing works, blogging works, video works, PPC advertising work. They work if you stick to it and make them work.

#7 Never give up!

It might take you a year or two to start making enough on the net to be able to quit your day job and go “full time”. But what’s 2 years when you’ll have a great lifestyle for the next 50+ after that?

Have confidence in yourself. Keep learning and keep trying what you learn. You can do anything when you apply yourself.

I hope these little rules help you get to where you want to go. If you’re serious about making a living online and quit your day job, my Internet Income University will guide you through everything you need to know.

Anything is possible. I can give you the road map, but you have to jump in and drive!

Hear from you soon!



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