24 Responses to “2 Essential Elements of Successful YouTube Channels [Creator’s Tip #87]”

  1. Back2Respawn

    Haha I loved these tips! Also What may also be important within connection is trying to network with the other youtubers who also share your type of niche !

  2. ReelSEO Video Marketing

    Some people watermark their videos with the @ twitter handle, but yeah, there’s nothing you can do to force YouTube people to follow you on Twitter.

  3. ReelSEO Video Marketing

    You’re welcome! Hope you can really start to create a connection and build community in your niche!

  4. Chuck From the Bronx

    Know any tricks how to bring YouTube subscribers to your twitter account and have them follow besides placing your twitter links all over the place? :)

  5. Danny Vega

    Definitely agree with the community aspect… More importantly, you need to find out what the "community" you’re trying to reach wants to see. What questions do they need answered. What topics do they want covered.

  6. Kimberly Reynolds

    Wow! You really gave me a lot to think about. My videos suck all the way around, but I have watched a ton of your tips and I think it is sinking in! Thanks so much!

  7. Adam Cox

    Yes I agree feeling a connection with a content creator is responsible for the success of YouTubers like Smosh, KevJumba, JennaMarbles etc. Strong, charismatic personalities do make engaging content. However, other channels that don’t have a personality as a through-line can’t do that. For me personally, I only like a call out for audience engagement if there appears to be a genuine purpose. When it comes across as ‘technique’ I find it forced and not authentic.

  8. Video Marketing Tips @ReelSEO

    True, but what makes the content engaging? The level of perceived connection to those in the content or the actual content itself? It must be the former because what else would make vloggers sitting in their car talking to a shaky iPhone camera attract millions of subscribers? Engaging content can make for a viral video, but engaging people making for a viral community.

  9. Video Marketing Tips @ReelSEO

    haha Or maybe cult leaders understand something about people that we don’t? 🙂

  10. Adam Cox

    I have noticed this though. Very interesting little development that.

  11. Adam Cox

    Hmm, I would say that community is important…however the main focus is always on content. It must be engaging. People don’t want to waste their time online. They all want that fix of laughter, drama, surprise or fear etc. We’re all chasing emotions. So many people are craving more out of life. Especially those stuck in the mundane.

  12. MsDiaperD

    Lol. I think you’ve given me enough comment love to last a while. 🙂

  13. ninetalescommander

    Man…how do they afford to keep all that running? Mind you Google are probably making alot of money through the Ad-Revenue system so maybe that’s why they can keep it running.

  14. veggietorials

    Thanks for the reminders about making a connection and engaging the YouTube community.I’ve definitely been sidetracked in trying to elevate the production quality of the videos over making sure personality shines thru.

  15. smartalecky1

    So true!!I do not like to watch overly professional videos, I feel like I am watching TV which is not as authentic.

  16. LotionsPotionsDiva

    Exactly Tim! Two of the most important and misunderstood values on YT. Tks : D

  17. blackturtleshow

    Why does it sound like successful YouTubers are like cult leaders?

  18. Video Marketing Tips @ReelSEO

    Yup, it’s totally a social network, not a content distribution platform.

  19. Video Marketing Tips @ReelSEO

    Totally. (Pssst… wanna be in my inner bond? No? Sounds too creepy? Ok, nevermind…) * awkward silence*

  20. Video Marketing Tips @ReelSEO

    Awesome! Glad to hear you’re making progress! Keep it up!

  21. Video Marketing Tips @ReelSEO

    Flip camera with iMovie and connection/community > Red Epic with After Effects and too much personality.

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