24 Responses to “20 Reel Video Marketing Questions Answered – Hangout on Air 8/23/2012”

  1. J.P. Maroney

    cool stuff… we’re just getting into the hangouts…

  2. MrEnergyCzar

    What is Ronnie’s contact or channel? I’ve applied many times to have my G+ channel accepted without having to use my real name but it doesn’t go through despite being known as MrEnergyCzar… I need his advice… Thanks

  3. MrEnergyCzar

    Love the format… I just did my first Q & A video, answering questions about the Volt…

  4. MokoBrownVegan

    Awesome content! Thanks so much. I also appreciate the annotations in the description for each question.
    I would like to see more videos like this. 🙂

  5. AfroTales

    Excellent content.Answered so many of my questions.Thanks for doing this.

  6. USBpowerify

    Can you still use this link to apply for partnership ? youtube(dot)com/partners/contact_info

  7. USBpowerify

    @reelseo I just noticed I can do custom thumbnails , but I am not partnered . I love it but what’s up?

  8. DIYCameraGuy

    Great show. Thanks for answering all of my questions. I noticed that you didn’t have many questions so I through them in hoping to kick some more off.

    Thanks again

  9. Video Marketing Tips @ReelSEO

    Howz that? 😉 Put a ton in the description…

  10. 1947froggy

    If I have a technical question on how something works, why is there no "traditional" forum where you post a question & get answers from either a) people who already figured it out, or b) tech support from google/YT.

    It’s VERY inefficient to just search to try and find anything on your question.


  11. Urgo6667

    it’s from a 3rd party plugin called hangouts lower third (or something like that)

  12. H4BITAT

    wish i could have been there (in the military on duty). i had a question about channel views and subs. i get 5-10 times the amount of views i have subs (does not seem to be a bad thing) but i only get mabye 1-5 subs per vid (i currently have 134 subs and averaging around 400-500 views) how can i change those views into more subs i guess is the question. and no i am not getting a ton of hate or dislikes, the vids seem well recieved.

  13. PogieJoe

    I now the live show’s over, but just a quick question: How did you get the graphics under your faces during the Hangout? Do your webcams supply the option? Google+?

  14. Video Marketing Tips @ReelSEO

    We’ll do it a bit differently next time so that everyone can join in much easier, but it was our first hangout, so…. Anyway, thanks. We’d love to have you next time.

  15. PogieJoe

    I love the way you guys set this up! I hope I can join in next time!

  16. GiangolaInsurance

    Great stuff guys, very informative. I would love to see more quality hangouts.

  17. theFNDCdotcom

    I just noticed that you can edit the captions on the page last night.

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