17 Responses to “5 Effective Video Styles for Video Marketing [Creator’s Tip #93]”

  1. Meiyan Tan

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  3. StickyProductionstm

    Why? I’m actually serious, other YouTubers who try and "help" just tell me expensive ways on getting famous. When I get 100 subscribers I’m thanking you. I promise I’m not lying, I’m not a troll. You LISTEN to people. YouTube’s demographics can help you a little, but in the end the comments are what make your reputation. They make your audience. Also if I didn’t write a script for something like this, I would FAIL.

  4. chefkendranguyen

    What’s really cool is when people combine several methods, like live action with motion graphics. Great tip on avoiding slideshows. If you want your viewers to fall asleep present slideshows. 🙂

  5. StickyProductionstm

    Wow, you’re good at ad lipping! I couldn’t even tell! Yeah, and it was Stephen. I just want someone with your skill to tell me what you think. Also, thank you for responding! Most YouTubers just post videos and ignore their audience.

  6. ReelSEO Video Marketing

    Hmm… maybe it was Stephen who said you need a script. I don’t use one… and you can probably tell by the mid-sentence jump-cuts.

  7. ReelSEO Video Marketing

    Oh yeah, great addition! Thanks for sharing that!

  8. ReelSEO Video Marketing

    The more time people spend watching your videos, the more favorably Google ranks your videos in search.

  9. ReelSEO Video Marketing

    Yeah, you need to bring a very unique spin to the community, or get in very early on a specific new game and go super niche.

  10. StickyProductionstm

    Good job Tom! Do you think about checking out my videos? I’m doing an experiment where NONE of my live action videos were scripted. Your channel said you NEED a script to make a good video. But, I just think of something, tell everyone what to say, then shoot. Tell me what you think.

  11. Ameer Rosic

    Great video Tim like always, keep up the amazing work my friend.

    P.S: Educational whiteboard videos do very well 😉

  12. trainroomgary

    Hi Tim – Very excellent information. I Do How To Videos about model trains and product reviews. A long with what we call in model trains, "Running Sessions". A Running Sessions is the trains running on the layout and try to make it look prototypical.
    These types of videos are done by all the Train Guys & Gals – We also do a thing called – Rail – fanning, making videos of full scale trains. "Take Care"

  13. MsJj245

    also can you tell me the importance of estimated minutes watched ?

  14. MsJj245

    i’ve watched almost all your video and they all helped tremendously, do you have any tips for a gaming channel such as mine? its really hard to stand out since its in a very saturated category.

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