10 Responses to “6 Types of Video Marketing: Pros and Cons [Creator’s Tip #92]”

  1. geminess01

    Tim, I would love to see a in-depth way to legally make a music channel? including licensing and how people like kurt hugo/sam tsui are able to sell it on itunes

  2. henrooo

    I’m writing several treatments for Real Estate videos. One is a short weekly round-up of new property listings. Plan to pitch it to agents soon.

  3. armeeuff1

    Hmm…other than(maybe someone like) Ghandi, I’m not sure if there is potential money in "thought leadership" is there? One vid mentioned is on making a Clapperboard, the other on Garage Storage Cabinets. I was thinking of starting some on editing tho, but haven’t been able to find a software that displays my (iMovie) editing process without being "choppy" when showing what I just edited. Know of one, free or reasonably priced?

  4. Joe Large

    sent video response but don’t know where it went, was showing video on special air conditioner for server rooms. Showed features etc.. good post Tim good list and explanation.

  5. ReelSEO Video Marketing

    Any website with a substantial audience that’s interested in your content. Blogs, forums, brand sites, etc. There’s not a list of sites you need to target necessarily. It depends on your niche and your content. For example, putting a makeup tutorial site on a popular tech blog probably won’t help your video as much as getting it on a popular makeup blog or mommy blog.

  6. ReelSEO Video Marketing

    I think that falls under "thought leadership." You’re establishing yourself as an expert and thus people trust you and your voice when you sell something of value to them. Think so?

  7. SkeeminSkeebo

    I have a question, what websites are good beside youtube and social media to put your video on? a lot of viral videos seem to become viral because they were featured on a video website. Do you know any of those websites??

  8. SkinnyMedic

    I sell first aid kits over the internet. Youtube is 95% of my advertising. Thank you for your videos, you have helped me with my channel a ton!

  9. armeeuff1

    I made a couple "How To" videos that aren’t technically ‘selling’ anything, and any ‘providing a service’ element they have is simply in free information for those who may be interested, but they both have become popular enough that I am contemplating how to adapt such ideas into something with a financial back-end for me on it. Is such a thing even related to what you are expressing here? I seem to be in a sort of grey area.

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