5 Responses to “Building High Quality Backlinks with Scrapebox – More then just blog links”

  1. markus Ginger

    hi looplinescrapebox, love your channel..its hard to find quality video tutorials like yours.
    a big thanks…

  2. looplinescrapebox

    No. Where did you get that idea from? Simply not true. Besides, look past "forums", and see the opportunity to apply these concepts to all sorts of platforms.

    Look at my videos here on my channel about scraping competitors backlinks.  Stare at some of their backlinks and you will discover all sorts of platforms where you could apply these concepts.

    I guess for me its easy cause I used to do all this old school stuff manually, scrapebox just automates is in a few clicks.

  3. Rishi Kumar

    aren’t forum links always no follow though?

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