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Your website’s ranking on search engines is a vital element of your overall marketing campaign, and there are ways to improve your link popularity through legitimate methods.
The Internet is populated by bands of dishonest webmasters seeking to improve their link popularity by faking out search engines.

The good news is that search engines have figured this out, and are now on guard for “spam” pages and sites that have increased their rankings by artificial methods. When a search engines tracks down such a site, that site is
demoted in ranking or completely removed from the search engine’s index.

The bad news is that some high quality, completely above-board sites are being mistaken for these web page criminals. Your page may be in danger of being caught up in the “spam” net and tossed from a search engine’s index, even though you have done nothing to deserve such harsh treatment. But there are things you can do – and things you should be sure NOT to do – which will prevent this kind of misperception.

Link popularity is mostly based on the quality of sites you are linked to. Google pioneered this criteria for assigning website ranking, and virtually all search engines on the Internet now use it. There are legitimate ways to go about increasing your link popularity, but at the same time, you must be scrupulously careful about which sites you choose to link to. Google frequently imposes penalties on sites that have linked to other sites solely for the purpose of artificially boosting their link popularity. They have actually labeled these links “bad neighborhoods.”

search engine ranking

You can raise a toast to the fact that you can not be penalized when a bad neighborhood links to your site; penalty happens only when you are the one sending out the link to a bad neighborhood. You must check, and
double-check, all the links that are active on your links page to make sure you haven’t linked to a bad neighborhood.

The first thing to check out is whether or not the pages you have linked to have been penalized. The most direct way to do this is to download the Google toolbar at http://toolbar.google.com. You will then see that most
pages are given a “Pagerank” which is represented by a sliding green scale on the Google toolbar.

It is more than likely that these pages have been penalized. If you are linked to these pages, you may catch their penalty, and like the flu, it may be difficult to recover from the infection.

There is no need to be afraid of linking to sites whose scale shows only a tiny sliver of green on their scale. These sites have not been penalized, and their links may grow in value and popularity. However, do make sure that
you closely monitor these kind of links to ascertain that at some point they do not sustain a penalty once you have.

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We have all made the mistake before, hiring expensive web designers that end up being no more helpful than a free website that you could have found online.

There’s a cool tool I found that will give you the instant ability to create and embed all types of graphics that are fully loaded with your text and customizations for any web page or blog online. The all-in-one system gives you the power to create sales graphics for all your web pages.

The best part is all of your graphics are saved online, and when you edit them they update live no matter where you have uploaded your embed code. This will save a lot of time, if you’ve ever had to update your graphics then you know what I mean.

Ready to fire your web designer and starting graphics in seconds? It’s really that simple. Period.

There is nothing more to it. Just download your copy, upload to your FTP and create unlimited graphics that are guaranteed to convert and look 100x better than other mucher harder to edit graphic templates available online.

Check out the SalesGraphicsPro creator for easy salespage graphics.


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    The Basics of List Building

    List building has become a popular tool used by online marketers to get more subscribers to increase the likelihood of making more sales. This article gives basic information about list building so as to help you understand how this can help you in your business.

    What exactly does list building entail and how can it help online marketers get more subscribers? List building is essentially collecting the names and e-mail addresses of your potential customers through your company website. As you may have noticed, some websites have a small box that asks people to register their e-mail addresses so they can receive the newsletter or something similar, such as information about promos, product launches, and such. To make it more enticing for customers to sign up to their mailing list, a lot of online marketers offer freebies to those who will be subscribing to their lists, such as free products, e-books, discounts on their products, and other such goodies to increase their interest in joining the mailing list.

    Once your subscribers have registered to the mailing list, you can then send them information relevant to your niche. Common content of mailing list messages include informative articles about or related to the products and services of the seller, promos, discounts, and launches of their own products, and other such information that is relevant to what the website offers.

    List building is a great tool in marketing, because you are targeting the people who are already interested in your product, as opposed to shoving advertisements down peoples throats, regardless of whether they want to buy what you’re selling or not. The key is to keep your customers’ interest so as to build their trust and make it more likely for them to avail of the products and services that you’re offering.

    Click here if you’re interested in finding a list building tool that can help you get more subscribers quickly and easily



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      List building basics

      List building is important if you’re an affiliate marketer because your list will contain all the leads you have, leads that you then refer to prospects as potential customers. Think of it as having a piggy bank, where the list is the piggy bank itself and your money will be all the leads. Keep your list well-stocked and you can withdraw leads from your list whenever a client calls on you.

      But building a list is not just about having a lot of names, although it can also be a numbers game. After all, if you have a lot of leads, then the more likely you will be able to provide for the needs of a client. Still, it would be so much better if you have quality leads or leads that are relevant. Leads are seen as potential customers so giving a client leads that are the closest to their targeted audience means less work will be involved converting a lead to a sale because the lead is already an interested party. When you’re doing list building then, make sure that you organize your leads according to demographics. Follow a system for organizing leads as you get more subscribers so you don’t have to worry about fixing your list all the time to reflect the groups and demographics that you have in your list.

      When it comes to building a list, keep in mind what you would want to have in a list as if you were in the shoes of a client to give you an idea of what kind of quality you should be offering when you do list building. You’re going to want to have unique leads. You’re going to want leads that are relevant to you. You might be ready to pay top dollar for leads, but it would surely be a relief to get affordable leads.

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        WordPress is arguably the most popular blogging platform today, thanks to its ease of use and its multi-functionality. In fact, the content management system is also a popular choice for online marketers as well, owing to its numerous WordPress marketing features, including the numerous WordPress plugins that have been devised specifically for online marketers. This article gives some information about the WordPress plugins that you can use to help you in your marketing efforts, as well as how to maximize the use of these plugins to increase the number of hits to your blog.

        What you may not know is that there are so many WordPress plugins that you, as an online marketer, can choose. There are those that can be installed in order to make your blog more easily found by search engines, some that work as traffic generators, and others that automatically install a site map to your website. There are also those that easily connect your website to social networking sites to get you more traffic, some that show which countries your visitors are coming from, and those that can automatically add links to your content for SEO purposes. Some are free while the others need to be purchased. Be sure to read the details carefully to make sure that you get the plugins that you really want.

        In order to look for WordPress plugins for marketing purposes, you will need to log in to your account and then go to your dashboard. From there, click on the plugin tab. You should be seeing a search field there. Type in the keywords of the plugin that you’re looking for, or the features that you want installed on your site (ex. Search Engine optimization, creating a site map, etc.) The content management system should then give you several options of WordPress marketing plugins to choose from.  From there, all you will need to do is to install these plugins to have these features installed to your website. If you’re not sure which of these WordPress plugins to install, it’s always a great idea to ask around or do some research in order to find out which of these work best for your purposes.

        There are so many WordPress plugins that you can choose from, some better at helping online marketers than others. As such, be sure to make the right choice in which plugins to download and install in order to improve your chances of getting the traffic and the sales in order to make the most of your website.

        Click here now to learn more about using WordPress plugins for marketing.



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