Massive Passive Profits

make money onlineMassive Passive Profits is a software program created by Bill McRea and Mike Williams. The software helps you automate traffic to your websites.

This software is a wordpress plugin that helps you automate content publishing from various sources like Article directories, youtube videos & Amazon.


The Massive Passive Profits plugin is very easy to use and really assists with autoblogging.

What is Included With Massive Passive Profits?

With your purchase you get:

  • Massive Passive Profits automation plugin
  • Massive Passive Profits mass create plugin
  • Training videos for Massive Passive Profits plugin
  • Training videos on recommended plugins
  • Training videos on mass deploy sites and wordpress themes

Massive Passive Profits comes with a 60 day money back guarentee.

make money online

make money online

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    Army Of Affiliates

    When you create a product online for sale you basically have two courses of action that you can follow.

    You can first of all look at doing all the promotion yourself and keep all the commissions for yourself, or you could get together an army of affiliates to do the work for you.

    If you want to get out of the trenches and command an army of affiliates you will make more money long term as you will have people promoting your site for you and when you leverage the power of other people like this and scale things up it can be very lucrative for you.

    The trouble is all your efforts may have gone into creating your product and now you have to go and find the affiliates. The following are some tips that will help you find these people and get them promoting for you.

    The first thing to do is to make sure your product is listed in a market place like Clickbank or PaydotCom where affiliates can get access to your product in order to promote it.

    You will then need to make sure that you have an affiliate page where you will have affiliate tools for them to use. Affiliates are far more likely to promote our product if you give them the tools straight up in order to do so. These tools will include things like graphics where they can put their affiliate links and reviews that they can post on their blogs. You could also look at giving them keywords they can use in their articles or adwords campaigns.

    If you want to gather a team of affiliates to help you with your product you will also need to go hunting for them and there are a variety of methods you can use to help you with this.

    Having the right affiliates on board though can literally mean the difference between success and failure online. While they are busy selling your product you will be able to go about creating new products and can be expanding your business.

    Watch the first video below to pick up some free tips on how to build your own army of affiliates:

    Click Here To Watch The First Video Now >>


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      Today I want to talk about another element of product creation that can make a serious impact on your sales figures. I’m talking here about the use of sound.

      When you are trying to sell to your prospect online the key thing that you will need to do is to engage with them and most people will do this with the use of a website and the copy that is on the site.

      This can work fine but if you are going down this road you are leaving out a big opportunity to connect more with your buyer and create more sales. With the use of audio on your website you can change all this and  connect more with your buyer. There are a number of reasons for this.

      Sounds that we hear are very powerful and can enter into the subjects mind and control what they do. If you doubt this just look at Paul Mc Kenna or any famous hypnotist and watch how they can control people by  simply talking to them. When you talk to your customers you influence their buying decision more as you will be talking to their sub conscious mind.

      People are fundamentally always looking for the easy, less painful option in life and if they can sit back and watch a sales page that has audio they will do this instead of reading through a long sales letter. The  combination of audio and text works best as this will give them something to listen to and to read before they make a buying decision.

      The trouble though with learning something new is that it can take time and effort and your schedule is probably pretty full up if you are involved in internet marketing. If you hire out the job to someone else it can  also cost you big time, which you don’t want to do before you have sold any product.

      Luckily though there is a solution where you can get the best of both worlds and get top class audio and integrated into your site without programming skills and without spending a fortune by following some simple cut  and paste steps.

      Click Here To Learn  How To Use the POWER of Audio For Your Business Now…


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        Creating your own product and having it running live on your server is already a big achievement.

        But where many get thrown back is when they don’t see the sales coming in. They expect something magical to happen as if it should be selling itself.

        I know you don’t think like that, or else you wouldn’t be reading my posts would you? Just like any business, you need to recruit people to do the selling for you, i.e. affiliates and provide them with the best material to help sell your product.

        Having an army of affiliates in the trenches slogging away for you every day is one of the best ways to make money online. Like every army though, they will need the best weapons at their disposal when they go out into the field. The better the weapons that you arm them with, the more sales they will be able to bring for you.

        make money online

        One of the best things that you can give your affiliates is quality banners that they can easily put on their blogs and websites to get more click-throughs. Banners are one of the best ways to make sales conversions; opt in conversions and sign ups. Even Google has been using them more recently and are realizing the power of the banner for getting more sales conversions and customers on board.

        If you have tried to put banners together yourself you will know by now that the cost of a decent quality banner can be high and who wants to go learning all the ins and outs of Photoshop when you could be creating new products and attracting new affiliates to sell them?

        The good news though is that if you can cut and paste and drag and drop, you are well on your way to making your own high quality banners that will stand out from the crowd and spread across websites making you money.

        With Easy Banner Creator you will be able can create your own high quality banners saving you a lot of time and effort.

        Click Here To See How Easy It Is With Easy Banner Creator At Your Fingertips >>


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        make money online

        make money online

        If you haven’t heard of the term ‘resell rights’ on your
        internet travels it’s either because

        a) you’re completely new online


        b) the thought of setting up a website and selling it
        online scares you!

        It’s nothing to be ashamed of – I know this because
        I couldn’t even understand what ‘resell rights’ meant
        let alone how to use them!

        Now today I just checked out Chris and Aaron’s
        ‘Setup My Resell Rights’ site.

        In A Rush? Click Here Now


        Just as the website name suggests, this site is
        dedicated entirely to setting up your resell rights
        products rather than having lying around on your
        hard drive collecting dust!

        You’ll learn how to…

        – set up a PayPal buy now button

        – set up auto-redirect after transactions

        – turn on auto-delivery in PayPal

        – edit your sales page (index.html)

        – edit your download/thank you page

        – set your pricing

        – upload to your server with FTP

        – understand the mini-site file structure

        and so much more..

        I was really impressed with the content
        which is why I had to post this for you

        Click Here To Get Started Now.

        P.S. You’ll have to hurry because I don’t
        know how much longer these videos will be

        P.P.S. I can assure you, once you’ve gone
        through the videos, you’ll never have
        to ask anyone about setting up and modifying
        a resell rights product ever again!



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        make money online

        make money online