If you’re desperate to get traffic fast and are

not afraid to spend a little doing so because you

know that you’ve got an excellent product that

people really want, then you may want to consider



PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is exactly as it

implies. You write a small text ad, choose the

keywords you want your ad to be display for, and

then have it displayed on the search results of

sites like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing.


These PPC networks allow you to track your

campaign performance as well so when you generate

a conversion – either a sale or a sign-up you’ll

know exactly how much it cost you to acquire that



How is that useful?… Well if you have a product

selling for $100 and it cost you $50 in clicks to

generate that sale, you know that for every $50

you spend, you’ll receive $100 back. Nice deal

isn’t it make money online


When done correctly you’ll be able to scale up

your business faster, and send in more traffic

from more paid sources and this is just one of

many way some marketers make a living online.


However PPC is tricky and if you don’t keep an

eye on your campaigns you can wind up losing a

lot of money and there are a number of elements

that you must get right if this traffic method is

to work for you.


One of the key things you will need to pay

attention to is where your ad gets placed or

where it gets ranked. Even if you have the best

crafted ad in the world all your efforts can go

to waste if it doesn’t get ranked well.


The ranking of your ad will ultimately depend on

how much you are paying per click and your

quality score. Ultimately your quality score will

depend upon things like the historical click

through rate of the ad, the click through rate of

the display URLs and the performance

geographically of ads in the area, among other



Ultimately your control over the situation will

depend upon you making sure that your ad has as

much relevance as possible in it’s key wording,

geographical location and anywhere else you can

demonstrate this to Google.


PPC can be a wonderful traffic method but like

every other method of driving traffic there can

be a steep learning curve involved. If you would

like to skip the pain involved with failed

campaigns, Google slaps and wasted money, I have

discovered a way to get thousands of visitors to

your site through PPC that won’t break the bank.

This method is simple, fast and effective and you

can be up and running in minutes from now.


What I’ve got for you is a 14-part video series

entirely on the subject which will make you more

proficient in getting traffic. You can watch the

first video below:


Click Here To Watch The First Video


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    Good graphics come at a premium and revisions

    cost even more especially to get it to look the

    way you want it.


    Designers my charge $97 just for 1 eBook cover,

    expect even more if you want a group package of

    your product.


    It can become quite costly and even though you

    know you need to outsource the graphics, it

    sometimes is a good idea to do them yourself, let

    the sales come in, then upgrade the graphics at a

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    We all know how important graphics are to any

    website. Graphics are what makes a website come

    alive. They grab the reader’s attention. They

    sell products and services. No matter what it is

    that you are trying to sell online, you must have

    professional looking graphics.


    Without professional looking graphics, you simply

    cannot compete online.


    That’s all well and good, you may be saying to

    yourself; but I’m not a graphic designer. I have

    absolutely zero experience in graphic design.


    That’s the situation where most people find

    themselves and that is precisely why they throw

    away a fortune on hiring professional graphic

    designers. Because they think they do not have

    any choice. That’s the myth that graphics

    designers continue to perpetuate because they

    don’t want people like us to discover the real

    truth. The real secret.


    Here’s the real secret: you don’t need any

    experience to create stunning graphic designs.


    All you need to be able to do is click and drag.


    Yep. That’s right. And graphics designers know it

    too. They’re just hoping you don’t figure it out

    so you will continue to pay them thousands of

    dollars to do exactly the same thing you could do

    on your own if you only knew it was available.


    That’s what I want to share with you. Click Drag

    Graphics gives you everything you need to be able

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    All you have to be able to do is click and drag.

    If you can do that, you can create your own

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    You can even customize and resize your graphics.

    How much would a graphic designer charge you to

    go back and make changes?


    You do the math.


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    Maybe you think you at least need webhosting, or

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    Whilst they will eventually form the building

    blocks of a strong business there is a more

    direct approach to making money online that

    allows you to get in, and get out without having

    to go through a checklist of things you could do

    with, but not at this very moment.


    What if there was a way for even the *ABSOLUTE*

    novice to start from scratch with $0.00 in their



    Well with abundance of open source software,

    tagging websites, pinging services, video

    distribution sites and so on that is now a



    You’ve seen sites like YouTube, Squidoo,

    HubPages, MySpace, Digg, and more. They all have

    one thing in common. They’re free! And very few

    marketers know how to use this to their advantage.


    This *brand new* system makes use of all the

    latest web 2.0 gadgets, open source software and

    marketing techniques and turns it into a fully

    fledge marketing system.


    …all of course, with *ZERO* investments!


    You DO NOT need to have your own product…

    You DO NOT need to have your own website…

    You DO NOT need to have your own mailing list…

    You DO NOT need to have any name recognition…

    You DO NOT need to have any joint venture partners…

    You DO NOT need to have a niche…

    You DO NOT need to have extra money to spend on making this



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    “The money is in the list”

    I’d like to challenge that. No the money is NOT

    in the list. It’s in the QUALITY of the list.

    Anyone can build (and buy for that matter) a

    large quantity of subscribers, but when it comes

    to promoting a product, they produce some

    appalling numbers.

    No, the trick is not about how many subscribers

    you can get, it’s what you DO with them that


    One marketer could have 10,000 on his list but

    get a 1% conversion when he sends out a promo

    email. Another marketer could have just 1000 on

    his list, but get a 20% conversion.

    Who’s going to bring in the most bacon?

    Not only does it cost you more to store those

    leads, but your unsubscribe rates will be higher,

    and you’ll be kicking yourself figuring out why

    someone with less subscribers manages to bring in

    more sales. Don’t be the one with that 1%

    converting list!

    List building is a system, however email

    marketing is an art. What I’d like to share with

    you today is the art of extracting the maximum

    amount of cash from your existing mailing list

    and thinking less about filling up your

    auto-responder with dormant leads.

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    We all need to use software at some point in our

    lives to be able to perform complicated tasks

    with relative ease.


    Computer’s need an operating system, graphic

    designers need Photoshop, writers need Microsoft

    Word, for online browsing you need FireFox etc.


    The same is true in the world of internet

    marketing. New software sprouts up every day to

    make tedious and complicated tasks easy. Some do

    the job well, whilst some others still need



    There are lead generators that go out and collect

    emails for you. There are link builders that

    generate back links for you. There are article

    submitters that give your site more exposure.


    But if you’re a beginner, NONE of these tools

    will be any good to you because you won’t know

    how to use them or get the most out of them.


    However there is a new piece of online-based

    software on the market which allows beginners to

    select, edit and upload their own affiliate

    website within a matter of minutes.


    No need to research a market

    No need to pick affiliate products

    No need to design your own website

    No need to write any sales copy

    No need to for an FTP uploader

    No need to edit complicated HTML


    And so much more…


    They’ve really thought of everything… even video

    training so you know how to get traffic to your



    Not all of us were born with the gift of

    programming or creating beautiful mini-sites nor

    do we all have the time of day to learn all these

    picky details which is why Instant Site Uploader

    was created – for smart guys like us


    Make no mistake about it, you need a nice site

    these days – not a newbie-looking site that no

    one would want to visit. Instant Site Uploader

    gives puts everything into one system to make

    your life easier so you can focus on promoting

    and making money.


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