Microsoft has issued a security bulletin for its software for the month of June.

Internet Explorer Update: 'Critical' June Security Bulletin Issued for …

"According to Microsoft, five bulletins were issued but only one was labeled "Critical." Microsoft defines "Critical" as a "vulnerability whose exploitation could allow code execution without user interaction. These scenarios include self-propagating …"

Ensure that your Internet Explorer has been updated!


Mediafire Download : 1.Keys only work with Avira Internet Security 2013 (Formerly, Avira Premium Security Suite) 2.Windows 8 is NOT Officially Compatible with AIS but Latest Version ie is working fine(Tested my self) 3.It is RECOMMENDED to perform a CLEAN installation of AIS from the above link and during the installation(Not Recommended) uncheck "AHead"(To make Scanning Faster ie No false-positive), "Web Protection" and "Mail Protection" 4.To Prolong Activation Period, u must update your Avira Product manually(its for "PRODUCT UPDATES", "Virus Definition Update" has nothing to do with it). Open Avira, Extras- Configuration- Expand update- Product update and click "Notify user when new product are available". At Below, you must enter at least 3 days or more because if you update regularly, your product key will be expired or being blacklisted soon. Instructions: Basic: 1.Right Click on any Key. 2.Hover ur cursor to "Open With" And Click on "Antivir License Manager" Advanced: 1.Open up Avira. 2.Click Help – License Management. 3.Click on hbedv.key link that is right above the button for Proxy settings.

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