4 Responses to “Killer Mac SEO SEM Tips : RapidWeaver Setup Tutorial – Search Engine Domination”

  1. macgizmoguy

    The key notions for on-page optimizing RapidWeaver is in the Page Title (H1) and Slogan (H2) — and also the SideBar Title (which is usually an H2 header – but in some themes it’s unfortunately H1 which isn’t ideal.)

    You’ve also GOT to manually enter a ‘description’ and ‘keywords’ meta-tag and content for EACH page. That RapidWeaver’s Site Setup doesn’t already HAVE these – and prompt you to enter info is inexcusable. A 2-sentence description is very important for search rankings.

  2. mina123789

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  3. Captricksky

    WOW! I was building a website and due to your expertise I will have a much higher ranking!

    Thanks 🙂

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