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  1. carlsyres

    I understand that..however the fact that these postings are on sites that seem rather full of Trojans etc, does not fill me with great confidence – ie the quality of the links are poor?, likley to have little value?
    we’ll see i guess

  2. TotalSEOlution

    The thing is your AV program is blocking pages but all the tool is doing is loading the html to check the form exists and is correct, if it is it posts. It never loads any flash, JavaScript or CSS or anything of the sort.

    Because it does not run any code there is 0% chance of catching a virus from these websites by using the tool.

  3. carlsyres

    What I found rather alarming was the number of pages/sites that the constent was being fed to that had TROJANS and Viri. My Virus Alert program has been working overtime on these… in the region of 30-40 pages per day are reported as dangerous pages!.. worrying!

  4. TotalSEOlution

    Have you tried contacting support at the email address the account details were sent from? Also have you updated to the latest version? This version has an automated link checking function where if a link is found on a blog it pings the page so you get your links noticed right away.

    Manually checking your list of submissions is laborsome and just not the way to go about it. Try using an automated link checker. Also contact support so they can tell you what you are doing wrong

  5. Ha2k3R

    I buy this tool an its suck… Tool display high numbers but when i chek on thats sites.. there is no comments with my website.. this is Suck… Dont buy

  6. TotalSEOlution

    The commentes are pulled from a comments file that uses something called spintax (or permutations) to create 100s thousands of different comments from a sigle file. It is possible to change this file to create your own comments. It is not generally advised that this be changed for the majority of users as it is very easy to create an invalid file resulting in terrible success rates for backlinks.

    In short, it can be done if you know about spintax. Always check it is valid!

  7. Deytukourjerbs


    Interesting – you do not mention how it makes the comments though.. are they just random comments or are they related to the content on the blog that they are being left? If they are random can we alter the comments it leaves?

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