Search Engine Optimization


SEO enhances online presence connecting your business with a variety of search keywords that relate to your business:


5 Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Small & Large Businesses

“NYC, Jun 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — via PRWEB – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique which webmasters use to enable a website to get higher in search results. SEO is so important for businesses looking to get …”


SEO Success Factors


You can download the The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors from by clicking here!


Philosophy Behind The Table

The broad fundamentals needed to achieve success involve both “on-the-page” and “off-the-page” factors, which are:


  • Content – the quality of your material
  • HTML – elements used to technically create your web pages
  • Architecture – elements involved with your overall site
  • Links – how links to your content may impact rankings
  • Trust – the degree your site seems to be a trustworthy authority
  • Social – how social recommendations impact your rankings
  • Personal – various ways personalized search results impact your SEO


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Local Businesses focus most attention on Google for their local marketing campaigns. While this makes a lot of sense with most local searches still going through Google, Bing is coming on strong and should also be considered:

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Local Businesses: Don’t Forget the Bing

“For many local search marketing campaigns, all of the attention is given to Google. While this makes a lot of sense with most local searches still going through Google, Bing is coming on strong. Already, Bing is increasingly integrated with Windows 8.”


So diversifying your efforts makes more sense, in order to increase exposure for your local business marketing campaigns.

Microsoft has issued a security bulletin for its software for the month of June.

Internet Explorer Update: 'Critical' June Security Bulletin Issued for …

"According to Microsoft, five bulletins were issued but only one was labeled "Critical." Microsoft defines "Critical" as a "vulnerability whose exploitation could allow code execution without user interaction. These scenarios include self-propagating …"

Ensure that your Internet Explorer has been updated!


Techological improvements have helped expand online and mobile video use, and have driven consumer behavioural shifts.  


Online Video and Content Creation

"“Over the coming decades and across the world, Internet TV will replace linear TV.” That's the opening statement in an 11-page document Netflix released regarding the long term vision for the company. The document also included other statements like …"


Internet video is an expanding opportunity for advertising and monetization – Definitely something to include in your business model going forwards, if you have not already done so!