This video explains one way of using PHP to redirect from one page to another. The purpose is primarily to hide ugly URLs. It can also shorten URLs and give them more meaning. Affiliate links often use strings of numbers and ugly querystring parameters so a lot of people like to clean them up. There are many reasons why doing a masking and redirecting is of value to the affiliate marketer. This video is more than just redirecting, at the beginning I also explain how to pass in values. I show how to do it for passing in one value but it can be adopted to pass in multiple values if you understand how the querystring works. Passing in values is handy for tracking but as also shown in the video it helps with reusing code, such as when using Amazon for searching as an affiliate. Not only are you cleaning the URL and hiding the affiliate link, but you are also making it simple to do a product search on Amazon so you dont always have to visit the affiliate portal to generate links. If using the Amazon search approach be sure it pulls up the desired search results. Test the link before sharing! You can also get very fancy with it, and use my geo targeting scripts and test the persons country before redirecting! Because sometimes you have different offers for different countries…. right.

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