Heres a new prank! Its really long, so if you get bored, scroll to the last couple minutes so you can hear the owner freak out and you can see the money shot. Bruce Southwood loves PLA. Add him: SCIENCE: Rob The Hyenas Prank Show: The music is Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport by Rolf Harris CONNECT WITH PLA: Website: Facebook Twitter: Chat: Google+: Tumblr: Reddit Forums: Chat Buy Shirts: Prank Calls Facebook RBCPs YouTube: RBCPs Homepage: RBCPs DevArt RBCPs Twitter

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23 Responses to “Security Cam Pranks – The Restaurant”

  1. ZMorpheus

    the bald guy looks like a pitbull. must be why the girl is counting the money.

  2. iBombAtomicly

    Fun fact: Australians don’t drink fosters, it isn’t even sold here.

  3. gatsuuga9

    I accidentally searched for ghostimage.html instead and now my computer is haunted

  4. danielkauai20

    Is that a bubba burger restaurant? I thought they were exclusive to Kauai.

  5. DupesCF

    ‘Who is this?’ 2 seconds later, ‘I don’t care who this is’ hahahahaha

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