3 Responses to “SEO Ranking Reports are Worthless”

  1. Jeff Carpenter

    I disagree that they’re pointless. The reason is you need a base or metric in order to track trends. If you’re monitoring rankings and you see a drop in traffic/sales you can check rankings to see if phrases dropped. While you shouldn’t focus on them, they’re a valuable tool to have in your campaign.

  2. Nasser Sahlool

    Thank you – I hope it helps you. I know that convincing people of this is very difficult, but it is critical to do so that they aren’t disappointed. Also, I think there are some videos by Matt Cutts at Google that make the same point – check them out.
    Regarding the accent, it seems to be moving inexorably westward across the Atlantic the longer I live here. By now, it’s somewhere over Greenland.

  3. TeaPips

    Great video. Very informative. Interesting Canadian accent btw, I couldn’t help but hear an English accent following in and out. Anyway thanks for this video, I will show my manager, this all backsup my point!

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