23 Responses to “SEO TIP: On-Page Optimization With Yoast SEO Plugin”

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  4. Randy Freeman

    Jeez, do I have a lot of work to do to my WordPress site!

  5. rapnummer1

    Meta decription? I need to watch this again.

  6. LyricsUploaderPro

    I cant do this manually. I need help.

  7. tonybedrosian2

    ugh, hate this ground work , I need a SEO wizard.

  8. DoxingPC

    So the signals is coloes. I have allot of yellow.

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    Page analysis is pretty cool. The detailed info.

  10. PayzaAlertPayHackz

    Thanks for going over this step by step

  11. alex clarke

    On-page optimimation is a must for your website.

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