24 Responses to “SEO TIPS: Setting Up Yoast SEO Plugin To Avoid Duplicate Content”

  1. Dendi Darmanto

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  3. Mike Peter

    you have not set category as noinex, follow and in sitemap submission it should be excluded, or else tags and post both can link to sam article and create duplicate content issue. Kindly clear this if i am wrong or right ?

  4. Randy Freeman

    Derek and Yoast, where have you been all my life?

  5. Marcia Jones

    Yeah, this is gonna be a pain in the azz to get corrected. I knew better now but I wish this video was done back in August.

  6. Kevin Lee

    Michael, I had no idea either. I know I have tons of duplicates because I blog everyday.

  7. Justice Paker

    Derek, I am not ‘techie’ at all, so I had to watch the video a couple of times to understand the problem.

  8. ArgeliaPeeks

    Thanks for walking me through how to use Yoast and the plug in

  9. Roberta Sammson

    Wow, what a education for marketing dummies like me.

  10. Charlene Littleton

    I am starting from the beginning, I had to install Yoast.

  11. OmegaGarbacz

    Never knew Link Category was part of the default taxonomies .

  12. Chanel Livingston

    I am like 98% of the population, I never knew what taxonomies was.

  13. Marcia Jones

    i went to the above link for the full lesson and it makes sense now and you make it a little easier to understand step by step on the site.

  14. ClorindaMontney

    I really appreciate this information. I had no idea that these things was causing a issue.I just installed Yoast and I am following your lead. TY

  15. AlizaViscardi

    I have a WordPress blog set up for my clients to reply. This can cause dups too? Damn

  16. Michael Arries

    Thanks for this Derek, I dont need any duplicate content penalties.

  17. CheryVelie

    Its funny, I was on your site and you mentioned WooThemes, I use them for my WordPress too.

  18. AlitaHogberg

    Wow, never thought about the Google duplicate, I am slipping. <3 Yoast!

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