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SEO enhances online presence connecting your business with a variety of search keywords that relate to your business:


5 Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Small & Large Businesses

“NYC, Jun 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — via PRWEB – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique which webmasters use to enable a website to get higher in search results. SEO is so important for businesses looking to get …”


SEO Success Factors


You can download the The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors from by clicking here!


Philosophy Behind The Table

The broad fundamentals needed to achieve success involve both “on-the-page” and “off-the-page” factors, which are:


  • Content – the quality of your material
  • HTML – elements used to technically create your web pages
  • Architecture – elements involved with your overall site
  • Links – how links to your content may impact rankings
  • Trust – the degree your site seems to be a trustworthy authority
  • Social – how social recommendations impact your rankings
  • Personal – various ways personalized search results impact your SEO


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5 Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Small & Large Businesses

Local Businesses focus most attention on Google for their local marketing campaigns. While this makes a lot of sense with most local searches still going through Google, Bing is coming on strong and should also be considered:

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Local Businesses: Don’t Forget the Bing

“For many local search marketing campaigns, all of the attention is given to Google. While this makes a lot of sense with most local searches still going through Google, Bing is coming on strong. Already, Bing is increasingly integrated with Windows 8.”


So diversifying your efforts makes more sense, in order to increase exposure for your local business marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Local Businesses

The Google Penguin update introduced tougher guidelines for website optimization to reduce keyword stuffing, content spinnning and other spam activities. The Penguin change penalizes websites that over-optimize their link building strategies.

Read more about the following link building strategies that used to work in the past but no longer work with today’s search engines:


5 Link Building Strategies to Avoid

"Link building is not exempted from the popular adage that says “The only constant thing in this world is change.” Link Building. There are so many changes in link building strategies that Google no longer accepts. Since the Google Panda and Penguin …Business 2 Community"

Google wants you to do the following:

1. Build a useful information rich website
2. Write for users, not for the search engines
3. Add relevant content that users are looking for


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There is no doubt, that the best way to achieve top rankings in the search engines, is by building backlinks. However, you should be aware of are a couple SEO optimization mistakes that most webmasters make. Furthermore, these two elements, play a crucial function in the amount of targeted organic web traffic. you’ll receive. Therefore, you can’t afford to ignore these overlooked, search engine optimization factors.

In this post, we will explore these overlooked common SEO optimization mistakes. Therefore, you will be able to, significantly increase the amount of organic traffic, that your blog receives.

#1. Your article title, must impact your audience, in order for it to, effectively target traffic.
Your title should be written in a manner that is enticing, which compels the viewer to click it. However, it should include your main keyword or key phrase. This will help to achieve top rankings, with minimal optimization efforts.

Let’s say that your blog post, ranks #1 in Google’s search results. Therefore, you want to avoid titles that are uninteresting, otherwise; most people will move on to the next search engine query result.

This is nothing more than using, good; common sense. However, most people, will continue to ignore the importance of the title. Therefore, if you are outsourcing your articles, you’ll probably need to revise the title, so it is compelling for search engine users! Furthermore, your content has to be of interest to them, as well! The main goal here, is to attract visitors, increase traffic, via Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

#2. Every page within your blog needs to become a vital resource to your readers.
Most search engines, such as Google, are putting more and more weight on content. One of their goals is to provide their users with quality content that is resourceful. Therefore, the importance of backlinks, could have, very little impact of your webpage articles achieving top rankings. However, backlinks are necessary to achieve top rankings for your website’s main page.

If your site’s niche is “SEO Optimization”, you’ll need to reinforce it with more related material. These articles should also be linked to other related subject matter throughout your website. Furthermore, your titles should contain keywords and key phrases that are related to your blog niche. Therefore, you’ll need to use long-tailed keywords to maximum your niche coverage. This will assist the search engines to realize that your site consists of useful resources for their users. Furthermore, this will have a tremendous impact on your search engine optimization and it’s effectiveness!

Additional thoughts:
I would strongly recommend using the “related post” WordPress plugin, to insure that your articles are inter-linked together. Furthermore, it gives your readers more related subject matter, pertaining to their interests. This will keep them on your blog, for a longer period of time, increase pageviews and lower your bounce rate, etc.

Hope this information was helpful, “Two Common SEO Optimization Mistakes, That Increase Traffic!” Furthermore, I appreciate your time that you have spent here!