19 Responses to “Video Marketing day 2 video marketing tips challenge”

  1. tita0980

    Sup, have you seen this plan called the Intellitus Cash System? (look for it on google). My sister says it makes people oodles of cold hard cash.

  2. Minna Palaquibay

    New M.O. "Turn what you learn into content!" 🙂 Thanks Bert!

  3. Lindsay Hack

    Personal Development is so important!! I wish more people invested (either time, money, attitude or all three) to their own personal development. Love that tip about turning what you learn into content.

  4. Deborah Gregory

    Agree. Getting yourself in the right mindset for success is critical. 

  5. Noel Catarina

    Great Video Bert! I agree with everything you said!! Working on yourself is one of the most important things you can do!

  6. Vanessa Van Horn

    Great tips here, personal development is key!!

  7. David Harman

    Good thoughts there, Bert. Personal development covers all parts of who we are, especially the spiritual, which often gets overlooked.

  8. Bert Bledsoe

    Fernando, glad I could help, Day 3 outside video, it is going to be awesome!!

  9. Bruno Buergi

    I think personal development is very important to move forward in business.

  10. Fernando Fernandez

    Great Video Bert. I myself am involved in some deep persoanl development. Doing a 90 day challenge and slowly but surely grow into a more developed person. Awesome of you for sharing your wisdom. Looking forward to Day 3!

  11. MLSPChick

    hmmmm, maybe we should call it "human development" 🙂

  12. Marc Whitting


  13. Marc Whitting

    Another great video Yes Personal Develop is huge Big Time great insight Bert Bledsoe thank u for the tips yes 90 Days is what it takes for the fruit to show up from the challenge… thanks again… Action steps are huge…

  14. Meghan Mackintosh

    Great video Bert! I definitely love challenges! Thanks for your tip and ideas!

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