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  1. Richard Ansell

    Lisa, I’ve got to sit here and say you’re videos are inspirational. This update in regards Penguin 2 is very interesting for me starting out in the IM world and strongly believe that you must play by Google’s strict guidelines from day one and build quality sites. This update can only ever be a good thing as it will open up and free up countless places in the search rankings for people to fill with sites that fill the guidelines. Although, I do believe the other search engines need to compete.

  2. Elmer Diaz

    Thanks you very much for sharing this info… it is priceless! This video really put the SEO industry in its place when it comes to google. Really did a great job explaining.

  3. PinewoodPaladin

    Wow, thanks for this update! I actually know exactly what you’re talking about I’m just glad someone made a video about this. This information is really accurate and the penguin drawing was cool. it made me laugh with you.

  4. Lisa Irby

    The image is loaded in Photoshop and I cropped it to the resolution I use to record and just recorded that part. I am using a Wacom Bamboo Tablet to draw on the image in Photoshop and Camtasia to record everything. Yes, I am writing and speaking at the same time – which was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be. LOL

  5. BeingGarifuna

    Hi Lisa Urby, 

    What program are you using to design this particular video? I like the blackboard background and am curious as to how you are ‘writing’ as you are speaking in this video.

    Teofilo Colon Jr.

  6. Lisa Irby

    Even though there are other search engines, 85-90% of people use Google, Bing/Yahoo so the theory is if you are optimizing for the majors, you are optimizing for the rest. So at this point, I’m not sure it makes sense to worry about engines beyond the big 3 right now.

  7. spankfoam

    Could you do something on alternative search engines? i use ixquick. I like your last message re: get rid of google. Write human.

  8. ThePrimmaDonna

    This is great and valuable information. Thank you.

  9. Steven Winn

    Lisa, I didn’t think your penguin was all that bad. Hey, I could tell it was a penguin! 🙂

  10. Lisa Irby

    1. Narrow your niche down considerably
    2. Aim to be as useful as you can with the info you deliver
    3. Choose topics you have a direct connection with/interest to make this more enjoyable
    4. Cross promote your brand via your site, email, youtube, etc.
    5. Be patient and don’t be afraid to fail before you succeed.
    BONUS: Be consistent and publish often to build up your momentum in the early days


    This is good news I think. So all this comes back to having quality material which others want to reference and use somehow and nature will take its course. The solid material  will rise and the squishy won’t. Long term, this is just fine.

  12. Nizam Khan

    Awesome, informative, useful and concise video. It’s packed with whole lot of great SEO info. Thanks Lisa 🙂

  13. roscoedc88

    Lisa I want to juice your awesome brain a little. What are the top 5 habits and beliefs a Newby needs to install to rise to your level.

  14. Tripanthius

    Amazing stuff here Lisa. Thank you for all this great information

  15. Nikola Aleksandrov

    Thank you for the useful video Lisa 🙂 I am trying to follow you tips as much as I can 🙂

  16. Jonathan Bennett

    In my experience, yes. I think it is for the reason that Lisa stated.

  17. Lisa Irby

    Yes, great point! Mobile is going to be huge. In fact, I’ve got my own responsive site projects going on as I type. 🙂

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