14 Responses to “YouTube SEO- Powerful Strategies for Video Marketing”

  1. MLMPaidInFull

    Thanks ! I try to keep it short and to the point but sometimes because of the content it has to be long.

  2. Andy TTree

    Video marketing is the go. great points contained within this video. Good stuff.

  3. MarquelRussell

    video is powerful! Thanks for sharing, bro!!

  4. Roger Rios

    thanks for the info, I been struggling and keyword research made a huge difference for me!!!!

  5. TonyaRosaReviews

    Key word research is such an important skill to learn…without it you’re up the creek without a paddle…good value content!

  6. Vivette Harris

    Thanks for the great tips . Proper keyword research is important.

  7. Phoebe Andrews

    I like what you said about no mini movies. lol. Seriously, this is really great advice, very straightforward too. Subscribed and looking forward to mor great content.

  8. Bernie Kaufman

    Good Video Maurrin. Thanks for the strategy info.

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